Osteria La Rosa Bianca

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White wines ... bubbles

Selection of sparkling wines from the best Italian wineries and French champagnes

white wines from Piedmont

White wines from Piedmontese cellars

White wines from Friuli

From the Friulian lands, a selection of the best whites

Rosé wines

Rosé wines of Italian origin (Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont)

White wines Aosta Valley

The excellence of the whites of the Aosta Valley vines

Aosta Valley red wines

Wide selection of the best red wines from the Aosta Valley wineries

White wines ½ bottles

White wines available in half bottles (0.375 lt)

Red wines ½ bottles

Red wines available in half bottles (0.375 lt)

Red wines from Piedmont

From the Piedmontese cellars a wide selection of the best reds

Red wines Tuscany

The renowned aromas of the wines of the Tuscan land

Red wines from other regions

Selections of red wines from other Italian regions

French wines

The excellence of French red wines in this selection.